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Jiangsu Tongxiang Import and Export Co., Ltd. is located in Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City, in Jiangsu Provincethe National Famous Health and Civilized City. It is near to Zhangjiakou Harbor in Yangtze River and it is 5 miles from Baoshui District in Zhangjiagang. The transportation is convenient. It was founded in 2005 made up of two removal enterprises after assets reorganized. At present, it owns four production and management enterprises. The main production equipments are: Fine (gross) 25,000 spinning equipment, semi-worsted 20000, three roller computer frequency fancy twisting machine 9 sets, Crochet machine 80, 12 cylinder knitting machines, spinning equipment 13,200 cored, air covering machine 6 sets. The annual productivity of various yarn can be more than 15 thousand tons. The products can be sold to all over China and more than 50% of the products can be foreign trade enterprises assorts and processing.

The enterprise professionally produces acrylic yarn, wool acrylic yarn ,cashmere like yarn, mohire like yarn, tape yarn, ribbon yarn, loop yarn, bamboo yarn, big-belly
yarn, braided yarn, composite yarn, a long knot yarn,
fancy parallel yarn, hollow pe yarn, feather yarn,
smiling yarn and other kinds of specifications
yarns. If anything special is needed, please visit
the company with samples. The sorts of yarns are
varied and the products can be used for weaving ,
sweater knitting , lace, carpet, curtain and other
decoration industry, and the products can be
sold to both at home and abroad.

The enterprise has strong technology resources
and many sorts of products, the development ability
is strong. It can serve and sell the products.The
company takes the quality as the root, to provide
reasonable price, and keep promise, to be honest to the customers and the company would like to cooperate with all the clients both new and old to embrace a bright future!
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Jiangsu Tongxiang Import and Export Co., Ltd. Telephone: 0086 15062512110 Fax: 0512-58268319